Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Celtics Get Their 60th

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics got their 60th win of the season by defeating the Indiana Pacers 92-77. The last time the Celtics won 60 games in a season, Leon was 2 years old and just learning how to dunk.

The Celtics defense was just too much for the mediocre Pacers, and it was never really a game because of it. Everyone played pretty well, but of course Leon once again was the MVP in this one. Powe scored 14 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, and had many Tommy Points. I mean what else can I say? I try to give the player of the game award to someone else but Leon just keeps taking it. I keep waiting for Powe to have a bad stretch but it just doesn't happen. He can't mess up, it's really amazing. Hopefully Leon has solidified the 6th man spot for the playoffs, it appears that he has. It will really behoove the team for Doc Rivers to keep Powe as the first guy coming off the bench.

Things are looking great right now. I can't see any team beating the Celtics 4 times out of 7 times in a playoff series. But I don't want to jynk the Celtics yet.


Rich said...

The thing is, Leon really does deserve to be player of the game. He has deserved that a lot lately. Leon is the man.

Derek said...

I dont see any team in the NBA beating the C's for 4 games either....POWE JUST WONT LET IT HAPPEN!!!

Erik said...

Derek, I agree, Powe won't let the Celtics lose 4 games in a 7 games series. Not if he gets the change to do something about it.

Celtsfan said...

More Leon Powe = More Celtics Wins!