Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Powe=No Wins

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Celtics suffered an embarrassing loss to the Atlanta Hawks in game three Saturday. There were multiple reason for this loss but it all comes down to one thing. Leon Powe got stuck on the bench and it cost the Celtics a victory.

Leon has spent the last half of this season proving over and over again that he should be getting playing time. But for some reason Doc Rivers has forgotten how great Leon's been and decided to play Glen Davis and P.J. Brown instead. Let me explain something to everyone about Glen Davis... He is a big, high energy guy and everyone loves having a player like that on their team. But Davis is a big ball of useless energy. He runs around fouling and knocking people over and it does nothing for the team. The Celtics offense always dies when Davis comes in the game and it's frustrating to watch. If you want a big guy that runs around knocking people over, the Celtics could go get some football players. I want someone to come in and bring production to the Celtics and Leon Powe has always done that.

I could rant about this game for hours but I don't have the time to. The Celtics looked like they didn't want it, they lacked heart and passion, and not having Leon Powe on the floor doesn't solve those problems. Hopefully next game Doc learns from his mistakes and gives Powe his minuets.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Davis is unproductive. He has his nice games but he doesn't do what Powe does for the Celtics so he should be sitting behind him. Powe not playing is part of the reason why the Celtics loss and I hope Doc learned his lesson.

Rich said...

Very stupid of Doc to not play Leon. Davis brings nothing to the table. He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Chris said...

Davis is still funny to watch though. I'm getting sick of these Hawks fans talking shit. THe Celtics do need Powe, but why can't they pull it together to get one win without him? I have sought the beast lair at perkisabeast for help, but I need all of the ideas that I can get. Any good suggestions for funny responses to the Hawk's posts.

Leon Powe Admin said...


Davis is funny to watch. He has his moments but he shouldn't be seeing time in the playoffs. Right now Powe needs to get some confidence back after watching his time cut by Doc. I think Powe was getting into the rhythm in game 1. Then he was sat after that and it killed his confidence. As far as responses all I can think of is a middle finger. I'm trying not to get too angry. Ya no.