Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celtics Win Final Game, Leon Gets Career High

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The Boston Celtics capped off a 66 win season by beating the New Jersey Nets 105-94. The good news is at the beginning of the season I predicted the Celtics would win 66 games. The bad news for me is I forgot to post it anywhere for proof that I got it right.

More good news... Leon Powe ended the season with a career high 27 points followed by 11 rebounds. Certainly a nice way for Leon to cap off his season. He consistently showed that if given the minuets he can produce big numbers.

Leon's final stats for the 2007-2008 season were

14.4 MPG

7.9 PPG

4.1 RPG

.572 FG%

I'd show his assist but when your as good as Leon you don't pass the ball much. That would just be stupid and hurting your team. Not a bad year at all for a guy getting 14 minuets a game, and having to sit at the very end of the bench the first half of the season.

A quick fact... The Celtics were 18-2 when Leon scored over 10 points. Which would have been 20-0 if the starters hadn't choked away both games at the end. When Leon scores 20+ points the Celtics are 4-0. So I guess it's pretty easy, give Leon the ball and you win.

I'll be expecting more solid play out of Leon in the playoffs. He will be a real X factor for the Celtics in their championship run. It's been a strong finish to the regular season for the Celtics and Leon. But the real season is starting now.


Anonymous said...

Pay this man some money!

donny said...

It really was great to see Leon finish strong before the playoffs. He will be a huge help along the way.

Kyle said...

I'm so pumped to see Leon play in the playoffs. He is that hustle guy you need off the bench if your gonna win a championship. I just hope Doc doesn't do something stupid like bench him for BBD or PJ