Saturday, April 26, 2008

Leon Displays the Art of Boxing Out

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

I love this photo of Leon boxing out Zaza Pachulia. This is a rare thing to see in today's NBA. I don't know of one player in all of basketball that boxes out correctly anymore other than Leon. Players just lean on each other and hope the ball bounces their way. Leon uses this old timey box out move to "box out" a man so he or one of his teammates can get the ball without the disruption of an opposing player. This was a very important and basic skill most children learned when they first started playing basketball but for some reason no one does it anymore. Pay attention to how Powe actually puts himself between the player and the hoop and uses his legs to move the player back away from the ball, while trapping the guy with his arms. It's a beautiful thing to watch, and I felt it needed to be recognized.

Leon is just starting to get the feel of the playoffs. It took a few minuets in game one to get relaxed and he didn't get much time in game two. So I'd look for a big game from Leon tonight in game three. I just hope Doc gives Leon the time to do his work. Hopefully we don't see the Big three in while the Celtics are up 20 with 3 minuets to go. It's like Doc's asking for one of his starters to get injured at the end of a blow out.


Doug said...

Thank You! Finally someone notices that Leon Powe is one of the only players in the NBA that boxes out! No one does it anymore and it drives me crazy. This is just another reason to love Leon.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Leon does a great job boxing out. It's good to see some fundamentals.

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