Saturday, April 5, 2008

Leon and the Celtics make History

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

The Boston Celtics clinched home court throughout the playoffs Saturday by defeating the Charlotte Bobcats 101-78.
Not only did the Celtics clinch home court during the playoffs, they also have now completed the biggest single-season turnaround in NBA history. At this time last year, who would have ever thought the Celtics would be the best team in NBA just a year later. Maybe we'll still be wishing the Celtics got the first pick and took Greg Oden, but I think things have worked out just fine so far.

This blow out doesn't seem too impressive because it is the Bobcats, but the Celtics were able to do this with all of the Big 3 sitting on the bench. That meant it was Leon's time to shine. Powe got to start in place of Kevin Garnett and filled in very nicely for the MVP candidate. In Leon's 28 minuets he scored 22 points, all which were in the first 3 quarters, went 12-13 from the free throw line, he also grabbed 9 rebounds and had 2 steals. O and once AGAIN, Leon was the player of the game. This blog is turning very repetitive. Every time the Celtics play, Leon gets player of the game. I'm still waiting for Leon to have a game where he plays 20 minuets and doesn't score and only gets 2 rebounds. It seems like those games eventually happen to every player but it hasn't happened to Powe yet.

Leon continues to showcase himself, not only as a good 6th man but a potential starter in the future. Powe fits very nicely in Boston and I'll be surprised if he goes anywhere else next season. Don't mess this one up Ainge!


Anonymous said...

Leon should be a starter eventually. But I wouldn't mind him being the 6th man behind Garnett for a few years.

Tyler said...

Leon is the man! He will be a Celtic for a while. No way Ainge will let him go. He has the potential to be a 20/10 guy. Let him be the 6th man for a couple years then when Garnett is gone he will show his stuff.

Derek said...

Powe took control last night. I mean its no lie to say that hes getting better every single game!

Leon Powe Admin said...

You'd think we're being biased towards Leon and maybe we are. But he seriously keeps improving every game.

Derek said...

and its literally...every single game.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with you being "biased" toward Leon Powe. In fact, I expect a site called "Leon Powe Fan Site" to show him a lot of love.

This guy deserves whatever props you can give him. Whenever he gets a chance, he performs. I think I'm a lucky charm for Leon. I was at the Philly game in Boston, where he was finally extricated from the bench by Doc Rivers, and he came to the rescue for his lifeless team that night.

I then caught his start down in Miami, where, filling in for KG, he totally dominated Udonis Haslem and the Heat as the Cs won easily.

This guy is the perfect 6th man for the talented Celtics, since he seems to impact the game and the stat book the second he gets on the floor, and he never complains when he doesn't get "his" minutes.

I love the guy, and I hope he has a long career here in Boston. Leon has great character, an incredible work ethic, talent, determination, and heart. What's not to like?

Phil said...

Those games you mentioned against philly and Miami were so nice to watch. You keep rooting for a guy like Leon and hoping good things can happen for someone that had such a tough start to his life. He has showed such great determination and I'm very happy things are starting to go well for Leon. Exactly, what is there not to like about Leon?