Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leon leads Celtics Past Heat

(Photo by Steve Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics had a record setting game Sunday by holding the Miami Heat to an NBA record low 17 field goals in their 88-62 win.

The MVP for this record setting game was of course Leon Powe once again. Leon lead the Celtics with 17 points and a career high 13 rebounds. I wish I could say that was Leon's career game, but I can't. Leon wasn't even on fire like he can often be. That was about half of what Powe is capable of doing on any given night. But despite it not being his best game, I still have to give a tip of the hat to Leon for a great performance. I certainly see Leon being a 20/10 guy in the near future, and I hope his minuets will continue to increase as the regular season comes to a close.

Great job by Leon's supporting cast as well. The starters got a lot of rest in this game, and the bench did a fine job shutting down the Heat, despite the lack of quality players.


Anonymous said...

forget Pierce and Garnett, Leon Powe for MVP!

Don said...

Leon would for sure be a 20/10 guy if he played on any other team. He's a beast

William said...

Ainge better not do something stupid and get rid of Powe. This guy will be a stud for the Celtics for years.

dere said...

Powe has potential to be so dominate. Better see him in a C's uniform next year!

Frank said...

Dere, If it was up to Red, Powe would be in a Celtics uniform next year. But with Ainge I'm not so sure.