Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What an Awful Game

What an awful game that was by both teams. The Lakers were trying to give the Celtics the game, but Boston just wanted the Lakers to have it more. Both the Celtics players and coaches decided to take a game off. Paul Pierce was a no show, mostly because of early foul trouble. Kevin Garnett, the only thing I can say about him is GO TO THE HOOP! KG has Pau Gasol on him! This is the biggest mismatch on the court and he's settling for 20 foot fade away jump shots! I watched Tim "The slowest man in the NBA" Duncan walk around Gasol at will in the last series. So I know KG can get to the hoop whenever he wants. Ray Allen played great and was the reason why the Celtics were in the game. So it was real nice to see that.

I told everyone in my last post that Leon would only play a couple minutes in game 3. I knew this because this is what Doc does. He waits for Leon to make one mistake and then pulls him. Next game Leon will most likely get even fewer minutes if any. Leon's 6 minutes should have been double that. He was the only player on the Celtics going to the hoop and trying to get to the free throw line. The only problem with that was, the refs were in no way going to let some guy they've never heard of, get back to back double digit free throw games. Leon should have gone to the line at least 3 times maybe 4 and he only went once. I put two photos up because one, you can clearly see Leon being fouled but there was no call. Two, because that's a sick picture of Leon blocking Kobe and I wanted to use it. Unfortunately Posey was called for a weak foul which negated the block.

But anyways, if Leon gets to the free throw line a few times and scores some points, it would have really built some momentum for Leon and the Celtics. So it wasn't like Powe was that far off from having another game changing impact. A few calls here and there can do a lot as we all know. Another thing that hurt Leon and the Celtics for that matter was Sam Cassell. Sam WILL NOT pass Leon the ball and it really slows him down knowing he won't get the ball if he's open under the basket. Eddie House will at least hit the open guy and still try and run the offense. Sam does the opposite and kills the flow of the offense. Even if Cassell makes a couple shots it doesn't really matter because the rest of the guys on the team are out of the game. No more Sam Cassell.

Leon didn't play his best game but he played hard enough to get more than 6 minutes. I hope to see more minutes in game 4 but I'm always doubtful with Doc as the coach.


Anonymous said...

Leon just needed more time. He was playing well.

Anonymous said...

You're right, the refs were not going to give Leon any calls. He got hacked a couple times. Still a solid game though. He's really in Lamar Odom's head. Leon's drawn 3 charges on Odom now.