Monday, March 15, 2010

Leon Burns Celtics in Cavs Win

(Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

Here's a great article written by Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald. Leon Powe had a great stretch against his old team playing 7 minutes and scoring 6 points (all from the free throw lines) and grabbing four rebounds. Leon out hustled a team that misses his hustle. Glen Davis still is an out of control mess and Rasheed Wallace hasn't lived up to his name. The Celtics sure could use Powe at the 4 right now.

By Steve Bulpett

CLEVELAND - At the end of his time with the Celtics [team stats], Leon Powe was hurt.

Yesterday, he hurt the Celtics.

In just his seventh game back from major left knee surgery, the Cavaliers forward made his first appearance with 4:35 left in the third quarter. Over the next eight minutes, he collected six points (all from the free-throw line) and four rebounds.

Just the kind of stuff he used to do for the C’s.

“To play those spot minutes is a very difficult job,” said LeBron James after Cleveland’s 104-93 win, “and to come in and be ready to do what he did today was huge.”

Powe’s effect went beyond his numbers, as evidenced by the fact the Cavs were a plus-11 with him on the floor.

“Leon was spectacular for us,” said coach Mike Brown. “Antawn (Jamison) picked up his fourth foul, and we put Leon in the game and I thought he was the difference maker.”

Indeed, Cleveland was ahead by two when he came into the game, and up 13 when he left with 8:08 to play.

Powe deflected the praise afterward, and before the game was crediting someone else with a huge assist that he is still in the NBA - and that was a member of the Celtics organization.

Powe was in many ways on his own when he got hurt in the first-round playoff series against Chicago last year. He was heading into a free-agent summer, meaning a successful surgery was critical if he hoped to get another contract. Given a choice, he decided to stick with Celtics physician Brian McKeon.

“I had a few doctors in line and I talked to all of them, and he really sounded like he really had confidence in his work and he could do a real good job,” said Powe. “He just sounded really confident that he could probably have me back on the court. He said it would take some time for me to get back, but he said he could get the job done.”

The Celtics were a bit apprehensive with Powe, so he accepted a one-year deal with Cleveland, which has an option for next season. He’s making $855,139 this year, the minimum for someone of his experience level, but he’s more than appreciative.

“It could have easily went the other way and been a sad day,” Powe said. “I owe a lot to Dr. McKeon. I put the hard work in, but he laid the foundation, which enabled me to get back to the point where I am now on the court.”

Friday, February 26, 2010

Leon makes his return to the court

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Last night against his former team Leon Powe made his return to basketball. Although he only got 3 minutes of playing time it was a step in the right direction. 4 points and 2 rebounds isn't much but it was exciting to see Powe out there with his teammates.

It doesn't look like Leon will be getting much playing time in the near future which is unfortunate. But his long road back to the court is over and now he can focus on improving his game and helping the Cavs win in whatever way he can. Good to see him back!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leon Powe Making Cavs Debut?


INDEPENDENCE — Cavaliers forward Leon Powe was forced to “go in the shop” for a few months.

He sustained an ACL and microfracture injury on his left knee in the playoffs last year in Boston.

Powe, who signed with the Cavs in the offseason, has been inactive for the first 54 games of the regular season.

He’s nearing a return to the court. It could happen against Denver tonight, but Cavs coach Mike Brown said Powe has yet to get the medical clearance to play.

“I had to go in the shop,” Powe said. “I know how hard I worked, and I knew the hard work was going to pay off sooner or later. Hopefully, it’s about that time.”

The 6-foot-8, 240-pound Powe will have to fight for minutes at power forward with newly acquired Antawn Jamison, J.J Hickson and Anderson Varejao.

“I feel like I could play,” Powe said. “I feel real good. I’ve felt good for the last month, actually, but they’ve been extra conservative with me. Now, they have to communicate with each other and see what they want to do.”

Powe said he’ll wear a knee brace in the games when he returns.

He’s not the only player close to returning to the court. Point guard Mo Williams has missed the last 11 games with a sprained left shoulder. He practiced with the Cavs Wednesday, but isn’t expected to face the Nuggets either.

“(I) didn’t have a good practice today,” Williams said on his Twitter account. “(I’m) a (little) rusty. (It’s going to) take me a few days.”

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Powe Possibly Returns for Feb 25th Match Up Against the Celtics?

Nothing is for sure but Leon Powe could be set to return on February 25th in Boston against the Celtics. Although this is not set in stone this is a date I'm sure Leon would love to make his return.

Speaking of the Cavs vs Celtics game in 2 weeks, ''it's in the back of my mind,'' Powe said.

So much depends on how Leon looks and feels in practice. Possibly

''I'm good. I know the first one [repair] didn't really work out that great because I still felt a lot of pain,'' Powe said. ''The second one kept me out on the court for five years.''

''My game hasn't gone anywhere. I have confidence in my game,'' he said. ''When I get out there, I'm just going to play basketball. I'm just going out there rebounding and scoring anytime they put me out there on the floor.''

A return to the game in Boston would be nice. I wouldn't expect Leon to get much playing time if that is when he returns. Maybe just a wave to the crowd and a few chances to run up and down the floor. Either way that would be an exciting night for Powe and the fans that miss him in Boston.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Are the Celtics Missing Leon Powe?

The Boston Celtics sure could use a little Leon Powe in their lives. Yes, I know Leon has been injured and nobody knows how well he's gonna play when he returns to the court. But wouldn't the thought of Powe returning to the Celtics right now be exciting?

The big guys are struggling for Boston right now.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis- (I'll stop calling him that when he acts like a man) Hasn't showed up this year. 5.3 points a game and 3.9 rebounds isn't going to get it done off the bench. I'm sure missing a lot of the season with an injured hand hasn't helped Big Baby's game. But it's his own fault for punching someone in the face. That's the risk Boston took by keeping a "Big Baby". Glen's Contract for 2010: $3 Million

Brian Scalabrine-
Scalabrine may be a good role model and a good team guy but he still isn't a good basketball player. 1.8 points and 0.9 rebounds a game isn't much production for a guy that's making $3.4 million in 2010. Nearly 7 times more than it would've cost to keep Powe.

Shelden Williams- It seemed like Williams could've been a nice pick up for Boston but he hasn't done much, 3.9 points per game and 3.4 rebounds. Part of that has to do with the return of Big Baby. I think Williams needs some minutes and he could be ok. But we all know Doc Rivers is in love with Davis so that probably won't happen. Even with extra minutes Boston shouldn't expect much from Shelden. Contract for 2010: $825,497

Rasheed Wallace- Wallace is a good player to have coming off the bench but his production hasn't been what the Celtics had hoped for. 10 points and 4 rebounds a game isn't what Boston thought they were getting. Give Powe the playing time Rasheed is getting and I know Leon would have better numbers than that. Powe also wouldn't be getting a technical foul every game. When Wallace came to Boston I thought he'd be a great defensive presence along with his good offense. I have to say he hasn't exactly impressed me on defense. Wallace is getting older though so he has to slow down at some point I guess. Rasheed's 2010 contract: $5.85 million

Kevin Garnett-
KG continues to be the leader of the Celtics. But his knee isn't keeping up with his huge heart. Injuries seem to be what's causing Garnett's worst season since his rookie year(14 points and 7 rebounds a game). KG doesn't have the spring in his step on offense or defense. Garnett can't give the minutes he has in the past. This is why a good back up is critical to the Celtics this season. Garnett's 2010 contract $16.5 million

Kendrick Perkins-
Perkins inability to add any offense to the Celtics in the past has frustrated me tremendously. But Kendrick really worked on his game in the offseason and became a guy Boston can trust with the basketball down in the post. So props to him for working hard and improving. 11 points and 8 rebounds a game is good but Perk can't do it all. Some help from the other Bigs on the team sure would be nice. Perkins 2010 contract: $ 4.75 million

It's clear the Celtics could use a little Leon Powe in their lives. As a good human, role model, and great basketball player. Wouldn't it have been worth the risk to keep Leon for $500,000? That would've been a steal in my opinion. It's one sixth of what Big Baby is making this year and one seventh of what Scal is making. But O well, it's too late and now Leon is getting ready to come back to the Cavs. Boston missed out on this one.