Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's All Over! Leon Powe Tears ACL

Getty Images

Leon Powe tore his ACL in Tuesday's game against the Chicago Bulls. This is the worst news I have ever heard in my entire life. I am devastated as are many other Celtics fans right now.

Not only will this end Powe's season, it ends Boston's as well. The Celtics have no chance without Leon. This season is hopeless now despite a great game yesterday.

As for Leon I'm concerned for his career. He's already had multiple knee surgery's and multiple torn ligaments in both knees. People already questioned his ability to return and play basketball after his last ACL tear. Now it seems as if his whole career is in jeopardy. Not only does this happen in the playoffs it comes during a contract year for Leon. What could have been a good pay day for this great guy, might at best be a league minimum contract because of the fear for his health.

By the way Leon tore his knee on a spin move but continued to play for another 3 minutes after that. That just shows how tough Powe is. He tears his ACL and continues to try and play basketball. That sums Leon Powe up for me right there.

Powe is an amazing person and a great basketball player. It's tough to watch a good guy like Leon fight through so much adversity only to brought back down again.

May your prayers be with him!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have No Fear, Leon Powe is Here!

With all the drama going on people are forgetting one thing... The Boston Celtics have Leon Powe.

If Doc Rivers and the Celtics use Leon the way he should be used, which is by playing him a lot, They will be successful. My biggest fear is we see 40 minutes of Glen Davis and 20 of Leon Powe. If that happens then this will be a short playoff run for Boston.

My prediction for the first round is the Celtics win. But if Davis gets more minutes than Powe things could end up being a lot tougher than it should be. Powe has shown over and over again that he is more productive on the court than Big Baby but Davis continues to get less playing time.

But lets see how things go in the playoffs.