Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Down, Three to Go

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Well that was quite a game one wasn't it? The most important part about it was the Celtics won, so that made the game a lot more fun to watch. We got to see a good close game along with some Willis Reed/Larry Bird type heroics from Paul Pierce. We even got to see some Leon Powe! What more could we ask for?

I'll start out my game summary by saying Paul Pierce played like a true Celtics legend in game 1. His injury may not have been as severe as it looked, but Paul still came back from the locker room and provided a spark that was much needed in the 3rd quarter. Paul skipping out of the locker room could be the moment we remember from this championship years from now if the Celtics win. My prediction is the defining moment will be a Leon Powe jumper to win the Championship. Some of you may disagree, but time will tell if I'm right. Since we're on the subject of Leon Powe, lets talk about Leon's first championship game. Powe scored 4 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 9 minutes of play. Not bad for a guy that people were saying shouldn't touch the floor because of his lack of experience. I'll say it again... Leon will ALWAYS prove doubters wrong! He'll continue to show everyone he deserves playing time as long as he gets it. During the 9 minutes Leon played the Celtics actually increased their lead. That's impressive considering that Leon is coming in for Kevin Garnett. It just shows the Celtics don't lose much when KG steps off the floor because of Leon.

Alright, I'm tired. End of blogging tonight. Props to P.J. Brown for holding his ground against Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Kendrick Perkins played awful and almost took out Paul for the series but will hopefully be back to Eastern Conference Championship form next game. Hooray Celtics! One game down, three to go!


Anonymous said...

Leon did a very solid job during his time on the court. I hope he gets more time as things go on. He keeps showing he deserves to play

Anonymous said...

I am very pleasantly surprised to see Leon on an NBA, getting playing time. I thought his knees, awkward gate, and smaller size for his interior style of game would keep him out of the league. I've been proved wrong! If Leon could become a consistent spot up shooter, he could really get things humming. Go Leon Go!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found this site. I've been a fan since his Cal days. I like his story. He seems like a good guy. Hard working, for sure. One concern I have is that Bernard Ward guy. What do you know about Bernard besides what's been published? Leon is a great guy, but I think he's a bit naive. How much money has Leon given Bernard?

Anonymous said...

First, If Leon develops a consistent jump shot he'll be a starter very soon in this league.

to the second commenter... Those are good questions you ask about Leon's relationship with Bernard Ward. It's hard for me to give an honest opinion on the subject because I just don't know what kind of guy Ward is. He obviously through the story sounds like a great guy. But I guess you never know once money gets involved. I hope Bernard is the great guy that Leon says he is.

Anonymous said...

your boy did you proud today!