Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leon Powe Moving Onto Cleveland

Leon Powe is about to sign a two year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers which will officially end his days with the Boston Celtics.

As a Boston Celtics fan I am very disappointed. I feel management made the wrong decision that's for sure. I've already vented on that issue plenty of times so I won't do it again. B the Boston Celtics will be cursed forever because of this move and it's thanks to Danny Ainge not signing Leon.

While this is bad news for the Celtics, it is great news for Powe. Leon will be getting paid while he is rehabbing his knee and gets a chance to play for what might be the best team in the NBA. Or at least they are the best team now that Leon has signed with them.

Powe and Lebron James do have history together. They played on the same AAU team a few years back so that can't hurt as far as team chemistry goes. On the subject of team chemistry, I remember Shaq saying a couple of years ago that Leon is a tough dude and was real impressed after Powe shut O'neal down in a game against the heat. So I have to imagine that Shaq will be happy with Leon signing.

With the addition of Leon this Cavs team has now become the most physically dominating team in the NBA. Lebron, Shaq, Varejao, Powe, and Ilgauskas will be wearing teams down with their size and strength. The Lakers better bulk up if they want to handle this basketball team.