Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics Win Championship; Leon Gets Snubbed of Finals MVP

Just Kidding. I had to make the title something about Leon not getting Finals MVP. It was eye catching and how often can I use that title. Paul Pierce was the most deserving player for the Finals MVP because he's been a Celtic the longest and he did have the best Finals out of anyone. Ray Allen played amazing and you could have given him the MVP but I think the NBA made the right choice.

Right now I don't think any of the Celtics care about who got the MVP though, finally the Big 3 and supporting cast are NBA Champions. Everyone did their part and they got the job done. This is one of those teams I'll remember for the rest of my life. I'll be 90 years old and I'll be able to list every guy on the roster for all the contributions they made all the way down to Gabe Pruitt, Tony Allen, and Brian Scalabrine. It was just a very special group of guys and all of them seem like good humans that deserved to win. With exception to Sam Cassell, he seems like a jerk. I'm still bitter that he took a swipe at Rajon Rondo's head a few days before he signed with the Celtics. I'm also bitter because he would never pass Leon the ball so I guess I'm happy he'll be gone next year. But anywho, the rest of the Celtics earned this and I'm very proud of all them.

I'm so happy the Celtics ended it the way they did. In my last post I mentioned that if the Celtics won game 5 it wouldn't have felt right. Mostly because KG played awful and because it was in LA. But This was how it was suppose to end. With the Celtics putting a real ass kicking on the Lakers in Boston. With the crowd there to celebrate for a whole quarter. It was just so beautiful to watch.

I'm so happy I can call Leon a world champion from now on. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, and many other greats can't call themselves that, but Leon Powe can. It wasn't like Leon didn't contribute either. Powe left an imprint that will be remembered for many years to come. His record performance in game 2 was something I'll be telling my great grandchildren about, and I'm sure I'm not the only Celtic fan that will.

Although Leon has only been in the NBA for 2 seasons he's been through more than any of us including myself could ever fathom. So to be here at this point in his life is beyond a miracle to me. He went from being a homeless child, to a young man without parents, to a talented ball player with seemingly career ending knee injuries, to being stuck on the bench never knowing if he'll get his chance, to an NBA Finals hero, then finally to an NBA Champion. I'm sure Leon has gotten some help from the big man up stairs along the way, but his hard work and determination have put him at a level that no one could have imagine this poor kid could be at. Could you imagine where Leon would be if he could actually catch a break? But who knows, maybe it was all those bad breaks that made Leon become a champion. Maybe the greatest break for him was not getting one at all? Either way Leon has found a way to become successful when the world was against him and I'm happy he's beaten the odds again!

P.S. I'm also happy that Leon will be getting a new contract soon. You gotta figure game 2 got him a lot of money on a new deal. Plus it always helps when you have a ring on your finger when signing the dotted line. I really hope the Celtics work something out with Leon this offseason, It would be a curse to the Celtics if they were to not lock up Leon for a long time.


Anonymous said...

I'm so freaking proud of Leon! Good job leon

Anonymous said...

There isn't a more deserving guy of a NBA Championship!

Anonymous said...

Leon, you truly are the man. I'm so impressed with your play and I was going crazy in Game 2 when you were being adorned in the biggest basketball stage in the world. You deserve this...Bring us back a couple more too if you wouldn't mind.

Anonymous said...

New contract? That's great news!!! Any details? I can only see great things for Leon in the future. There are only two things he needs to worry about:
1) His knees. He has had major work on his knees and I still worry about them down the line.
2) Bernard Ward. Bernard has been a great mentor to Leon. But money and fame changes people and relationships. That's a fact.

Celtics said...

I really hope the Celtics work something out with Leon this offseason, It would be a curse to the Celtics if they were to not lock up Leon for a long time. Well said!