Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leon Powe, the Best Player from the 2006 Draft?


I was thinking the other day, I could give someone a million reasons of why Leon Powe is the best player from the 2006 NBA Draft. But then I realized most of those reasons were based on opinions and not on fact. So as a true Leon Powe fan should do, I did some research and found statistical evidence to why Leon is the best player from the 2006 draft.

1. Leon leads all sophomores in points per 48 minuets with 25.6 points per 48. Edging out Rudy Gay and rookie of the year Brandon Roy. This is especially impressive considering Leon plays with the big three and doesn't get a lot of shots. Roy and Gay take the majority of the shots for their teams.

2. Leon is in second place for sophomores for rebounds per 48 minuets (minimum 12 minuets per game) with 13.1 rebounds. Lets remember that Leon is only 6'8 so forgive him for only being in second place in this category.

3. Leon leads all sophomore players in field goal percentage. Leon is shooting .577 from the field.

The stats don't lie, Leon is the best scorer and second best rebounder from his draft class. Long story short, the statistics prove that Leon Powe is the best player from the 2006 NBA Draft.

If your wondering if my numbers are correct you can look for yourself by clicking here


Tommy said...

I don't think anyone can disagree that Leon is the best player from the 2006 draft class based on those statistics ha. Great Job!

Leon Kicks Ass!

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking the koolaid. I love Powe, but he is not better than Aldridge, Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay.

Ron said...

Q here - I agree that Powe is an invaluable addition and a heckuva find at 45. But would he do this on a consistent basis for 32 minutes of nightly playing time?

Bdog said...

I think Leon is a stud and on most other teams could be a very solid starter. Great stats btw. You back up your argument well.

Leon Powe Admin said...

Ron, I really do feel like if given the chance to start and be a star player, Leon could be a 20 point 10 rebound guy. While the big 3 does make him better, he would still be able to produce as a go to guy on another team. But I love Leon in Boston, I don't want him going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Best player from the '06 draft? how about best player in the nba? maybe not best basketball player but possibly the best player player. did you see that dunk he had in game 1?