Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celtics end two game slide

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

The Boston Celtics ended their 2 game slide with a nice 117-97 win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. For whatever reason when these two teams collide, it turns into an awkward game. I watch both teams play a lot and something is just different when they play each other. I just can't figure it out. But I can't complain about it because the Celtics took home a 20 point win.

Leon Powe did get 12 minuets in the first half which I was happy about, but didn't get any in the second. I understand Doc wanted Big Baby to play on Shaq, but I still would have liked Leon who has always done a good job on Shaq to play a little in the second half. I like Davis's hustle but I feel like its unproductive hustle at times. He can't do anything in the flow of the offense and that hurts his chances of playing more.

Leon didn't hit his shots like he usually does but still had an effective game when he played. He brought his toughness in the paint and made things difficult for Suns. What I thought was interesting was Leon for the first time in his career was actually a guy the Suns had to pay attention to. Usually all the focus in on the big three on offense, but the Suns really made sure they did let Leon touch the ball down low when he played.

I of course have to comment on the play of the game. Leon made a steal and was on the ground as you can see from the photo. Powe could not find an outlet man so instead of taking a 3 second call he shot the ball from his knees and drew a foul. I was disappointed he didn't make the shot for the three point play because that would have gone down as the greatest play in Celtics history. Right up there with the Havlicek and Bird's steals as the great Celtics plays. If only we still had Johnny Most to make the call on the Leon Powe steal and shot from the knees. Somewhere in heaven, Johnny was screaming "Leon stole the ball and shot it from his knees"! Alright, well maybe I'm going a little overboard with the greatness of the play. But it was still a once in a career type moment and it came from a true hustle player. It will be on Leon's highlight reel for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

HA, I'll agree with you the Leon Powe shot from the knees could have gone down as one of the most memorable shots in Celtics history. I love this guy more and more each game.

CeltsFan said...

I would have absolutely loved to hear Johnny Most on this steal. He would have turned this play into a classic.

Derek said...

Powe is nastyyyyyy

Wearing my Powe jersey today!

afsdlkj said...


How did you get a Powe Jersey!!???

Derek said...

had it customized through the web store....oh snap oop to leon just now!