Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rondo's Heroics Save Doc and the Celtics

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Despite the efforts of Doc Rivers, the Boston Celtics were able to pull off a game 5 victory. I'm just kidding, I know Doc isn't trying to mess up on purpose and the Celtics won so I shouldn't be too negative. But Doc got saved by Rajon Rondo tonight. If the Celtics didn't win this game, everyone would be calling for Rivers' head. Rondo played an amazing game and proved Doc wrong by dramatically out playing the 0-14 Sam Cassell. Rivers should give Rajon a big hug tonight for saving his ass. Up until Rondo went off, Doc looked like a fool once again.

I guess you could say Glen "Big Baby" Davis saved Doc for this game also. Putting in the inexperienced, clumsy, foul happy Davis in a close game was not a smart move. But lucky for everyone, Davis was able to make 3 lay ups tonight. Using Big Baby is kind of like playing Blackjack... He may get hot for a while, but eventually he will cool off. The house always wins, and Davis always makes more bad plays than good in the long run. Davis made a few good plays which impressed some people and made Doc look smart, but he eventually started to commit dumb fouls. Doc at least started to recognize that and pulled Big Baby. Hopefully Rivers won't keep going back to the well with Davis. The problem with this is now we have competitions forming for playing time during the playoffs. Figuring out who fits where on the roster is stuff that should have been sorted out months ago. Now you have guys like Leon, Rajon, and Perk always looking over their shoulder when they make a mistake. Leon played 4 solid minuets and he doesn't see the floor after that. That's something that hurts your confidence a little.

I'll give Big Baby his credit for making a couple lay ups and not completely imploding. He helped out nicely and I'm happy to see that he could become a player down the road. But for this post season he should be a 10th man and that's it. It's not time to start screwing around with rotations. We're lucky Rondo was able to keep his confidence after his minuets were cut for a less talented veteran. If it's not broke then don't fix it Doc. Just because the Celtics are in the playoffs doesn't mean you have to play your experienced players. You play the best players then maybe at the end of games you stick in guys like Cassell and P.J. Brown.

I'm very happy with the outcome of this game. It was very close to being a nightmare situation, so thank Rondo for that. I know we're all happy for the moment, but the future isn't bright with the way things are being run. So it's hard to be too positive when you see the team you live and die for making very elementary mistakes that could cost them down the road.

note: Celtics are 30-5 when Leon plays over 15 minuets. More Leon Please!


Ricky said...

I agree with everything you say. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more. Lets not assume Baby is the answer when he has a bad track record.