Friday, May 16, 2008

No Leon Proves Costly for Celtics

(Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

I found this video of Michigan's women coach Kevin Borseth, It sums up how I feel (Click Here to watch).
What can I say about this game? Yes, the Refs made some horrible calls down the stretch but this game should not be blamed on the refs. Losing to a team that shot under 33% is ridiculous. Getting destroyed on the offensive glass has nothing to do with the refs. Having Leon Powe sit on the bench was not Dick Bavetta's decision. So as bad as the officiating was, you can't dwell on that with how bad everything else was.

Eddie House came in and gave a spark showing why he is the guy that deserves to be backing up Rondo. Not selfish Sam Cassell. It's always nice to see a guy prove Doc Rivers wrong. So nice job Eddie.

Eddie House was the good. Everything else was the bad. I could go on a very long rant about Doc Rivers right now but I'm going to try and keep it short. I said in my most recent post that Glen "Big Baby" Davis is like blackjack. He can be hot for a moment but most of the time he's going to be cold. Everyone got excited and started betting once they saw Baby make a few layups, but then he went cold the rest of the game. Davis couldn't make a shot and couldn't stop fouling people. He is a big ball of unproductive energy. He may become a nice player someday. But this post season isn't the time to try new things. Leon always produces on offense and makes things hard for guys on defense. Most importantly he knows how to box someone out unlike any other player in the NBA. I'm sick of making the case for why Leon should be playing. He has proven himself over and over again this season. Every time someone doubts Powe, he steps up and has an amazing game. How many more times does he have to show Doc that he is the best guy off the bench. As far as I'm concerned, if Leon gets more than 10 minuets in this next game the Celtics will win. If he gets less than 10 minuets the Celtics will lose and Doc Rivers will be out of a job. When Leon plays more than 10 minuets, the Celtics win more than a 90% of those games. That increases with the amount of time Leon gets. It's simple, put Leon in and the Celtics win, I've been saying it all year and I've been right every time I say it. Doc's going to blow the season because he is too stubborn to play Leon and it's making me sick.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great video and being one of the few people to realize that Leon should be playing. BB is a hack!

Danny said...

I CANNOT believe that Doc sat Leon! Leon has spent this whole season proving why he deserves to play and Doc sits him for no reason. I'm sick over this!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the only true Celtic fans in Southern California and had to watch both games yesterday with a bunch of Laker fans. The hardest thing for me is watching Leon Powe sit on the bench in the black sweatshirt the entire game. I LOVE the energy he brings to the game every time he steps on the court. Now I know why Doc Rivers did not receive Coach of the Year despite the Celtic turnaround. Is Leon injured? That is the only explicable reason for not getting him in the game !

Leon Powe Admin said...

To the last Anonymous writer..

Ouch! Watching the game with Lakers fans. How do you do it? I've done it a couple times with Lakers fans and it's just too much for me. Being from Southern Cal you've probably gotten to see Leon play at Cal. You know what he's capable of when given the opportunity to step on the floor. This whole season he's spent his playing time proving himself. It looks like he'll have to do it again.

Anonymous said...

No, Leon is not injured...Just a stupid DNP/CD (did not play/coaches decision)