Friday, May 30, 2008

The Rivalry is Back

(Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Wow! I mean Wow! The Celtics are really going back to the championship and against the Lakers. Think about this time last season. The Celtics were obviously the worst team in the league, had just missed getting a top 2 pick, and Paul Pierce wanted out. The Lakers didn't look like a playoff team at all, they were talking about where they were going to trade Kobe. Now these two historic teams will meet up for the finals. It's pretty amazing

Game 6 itself was another hard game to watch for a couple reasons. First, the Celtics have Doc Rivers as a coach so your always cringing watching that. The Refs were just awful. That Paul Pierce offensive foul that should have been a 4 point play was definitely one of the worst calls I've ever seen. I lost my mind after that happened. Also, watching KG play basketball in a close game is like watching an old blind lady walk across a busy road. KG is so intense that when the adrenaline of a close game hits him he is about to explode. He's very unsure when he gets the ball and his footwork is not as smooth. Luckily he was able to gather himself and hit a few shots. O and one more thing, Ray Allen sitting on the bench for almost the whole 4th quarter was tough for me. I know Posey is the better defender but Ray was playing very well. More Ray would have made me feel a little more comfortable. But Posey played great and the Celtics won so I'm happy for that.

There was a Leon Powe siting in game 6. I almost forgot he was on the team. When he stepped on the floor I said, "O ya, I forgot about that guy, I write a blog about him." Well what do you know, Leon comes in and forces a turnover in his first few seconds. After that he makes a huge three point play and gets to the line once more after that. Leon should have got to the line once more at the end of the half when he was hacked going to the hoop but what's it matter now. The point is he brought a spark to the game just like we already new he could do. Hopefully with the way the Celtics and Lakers match up, Leon will get a decent amount of minutes.

I don't think I have to set this championship up for anyone. We all know the history and we all know the story of the current players. I'd like to give a prediction but I don't know how much playing time Leon will get. If Leon plays the Celtics will definitely win the championship. If Leon doesn't play then it's going to be a lot harder. Even though I'd love to see the Celtics sweep LA. It would be pretty damn cool to see a game 7 in Boston.

One more observation... Kevin Garnett was being interviewed and asked about how he feels about going to the championship. KG responded by saying he feels neutral, as in he isn't content with just going there. During that interview Doc Rivers was running around as if he won the championship and the lottery at the same time. Ya, I know people celebrate differently but it seemed like he was saying we're happy with just getting there. Obviously Doc wants to win the championship but I've just never seen a coach act like that after winning a conference finals. I know I'm being picky by making this observation but it was something that was a little weird to me. Anywho, go Celtics! Beat L.A!


Anonymous said...

Leon does it again! He comes in and makes good things happen!

Scott said...

I love Leon. End of Story!

Anonymous said...

Did you see that you were cited in the Freakonomics blog on the NYT web