Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celtics Say No On Powe

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics decided to not offer Leon Powe a qualifying offer on Wednesday morning. That means Powe is officially a free agent. Unfortunately Leon had that bad knee injury during the playoffs so it will cost him money this offseason. This was obviously a bad break for Powe but he's proven to be a guy who doesn't quit. So I expect him to come back as good as ever but apparently the Celtics don't agree with me on this subject matter.

I've been a die hard Celtics fan since I can remember. Quite frankly it's pathetic how much I love the Celtics. But after this move I find it hard to give them the support I've always given them. Powe has been a guy that's given everything he's had to this team every time he's stepped on the court. Whether it was during scrub time in the early days or during the NBA Championship, Leon worked his butt off trying to find a way to make a difference for the Celtics. There wasn't much more you could ask out of the guy as a human or a basketball player.

Despite Doc Rivers riding him 24/7 Powe shut his mouth and played basketball as hard as anyone in this league. He played so hard that he even finished out his time in Boston trying to tough out a torn ACL in his last playoff game against Chicago. So how do you reward an employee that has given you his heart and soul? You don't make him an offer and release him? That's just sad an pathetic especially since the Celtics probably could have gotten Leon for a cheap deal. Brian Scalabrine makes $3.5 million this year. Are you telling me Scalabrine is a better ball player and worth more money? I mean you've got to be kidding me! You cut Brian and offer Leon a decent contract less than Scal is making. Problem solved! I'd expect much more out of a great organization like the Boston Celtics.

I keep hearing from analyst that their is a chance the Celtics still might sign Powe at the end of the free agency period. I find that very unlikely with the lack of respect Leon has gotten from the organization. Despite how well he played, Powe never got the playing time he deserved. Now he's going to sign on with some team that will give him what he's earned.

If I'm Danny Ainge I'm begging for forgiveness and trying to get Leon back on this team. Because if he doesn't then the Celtics could be cursed forever. When Len Bias died it set the team back 10-20 years, same with Reggie Lewis. But releasing Leon Powe will set the Celtics back for an eternity.


Anonymous said...

what an unbelievable mistake this is! Curse the Celtics! Curse them!

Anonymous said...

I feel sick. I love Leon's game and he was someone I was really proud to have on my team.

How did Danny Ainge have a heart attack when he obviously has no heart!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad day in Celtics history. Would like to hear what Pierce and the rest of the team (except big baby) has to say about this.

Anonymous said...

Leon, come back to the Bay and play for the hometown crowd!

Wherever you end up, all the best.

alex said...

I loved the celtics I have alwys been a huge fan but now that they got ride of my favorite player they kiss my ass I f**king hate them they always trade some boby that will give 110 percent when he is out there on the floor just like bill russel when he was out there on the floor how can u choose tony allen over leon or scal or baby davis that is just the most stupid thing where eva leon goes that's going too b my team when I found out that they didn't sign leon I got so sad thinking that he loves the celtics but he the celtics don't love him leon I am with u I wish u the best were eva u go I know u are going too b a superstar for your new team for me u already are a superstar we love u leon

Anonymous said...

Glad to see there are Leon supporters out there because I love him 4 real(no homo). But, what really pisses me off about this is that Leon fucked up his knee because he was trying to be a warrior. Instead of just sitting on the bench throughout the playoffs like KG... he sucked it up and went out there even though he was not 100%. So I don't understand why the C's wouldn't even give him a chance after all his done for the team. O well I'll be routing for ya Leon and I hope you use this slap in the face as motivation.