Saturday, February 6, 2010

Powe Possibly Returns for Feb 25th Match Up Against the Celtics?

Nothing is for sure but Leon Powe could be set to return on February 25th in Boston against the Celtics. Although this is not set in stone this is a date I'm sure Leon would love to make his return.

Speaking of the Cavs vs Celtics game in 2 weeks, ''it's in the back of my mind,'' Powe said.

So much depends on how Leon looks and feels in practice. Possibly

''I'm good. I know the first one [repair] didn't really work out that great because I still felt a lot of pain,'' Powe said. ''The second one kept me out on the court for five years.''

''My game hasn't gone anywhere. I have confidence in my game,'' he said. ''When I get out there, I'm just going to play basketball. I'm just going out there rebounding and scoring anytime they put me out there on the floor.''

A return to the game in Boston would be nice. I wouldn't expect Leon to get much playing time if that is when he returns. Maybe just a wave to the crowd and a few chances to run up and down the floor. Either way that would be an exciting night for Powe and the fans that miss him in Boston.

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