Friday, March 6, 2009

Powe Gets Season High In Celtics Win

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Leon Powe had his best game of the season tonight in a 105-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Leon scored a season high 20 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in his 26 minutes of play. Powe finally got a chance to play when Glen "Big Baby" Davis was ejected. I don't think Davis should have been rejected but it benefited Leon and the Celtics.

This game was bigger than your average regular season game. If the Celtics loss they'd be 3 losses behind the Cavs and that would put them in a position to most likely get the #2 seed in the playoffs instead of the #1. A win tonight without their leader Kevin Garnett was huge for the Celtics record and their psyche. Boston played great defense on Lebron holding him to 21 points and that really was the difference. Paul Pierce who had 29 points out played James in this game clearly. Nice job Paul!

This game was another reason to why Leon needs more minutes. He has been producing when he plays he just doesn't get the opportunities Big Baby gets. Powe averages more points and rebounds a game than Davis but continues to get less playing time. I hope this is what Boston wants because the writing is on the wall. Powe is a free agent and will get offers from other teams to get some real playing time. Davis is going to stay and be the guy off the bench for the Celtics. I'm not happy about it but it's going to happen unfortunately.

Great game Leon Powe and great game Celtics. Even with all the injuries and missing players the Celtics are still showing they're still the team to beat in the NBA.


Doug said...

Leon was great tonight. I was somewhat happy with Davis was thrown out because I knew Powe would capitalize. I pray the Celtics sign Leon for next season.

Anonymous said...

its killing me watching Leon only get 12 minutes a game off the bench. He needs that 25 minutes to game in and game out so he can get in a rythum. You're right the Celtics are going to miss Powe if he ends up signing w ith another team.

Anonymous said...

Yes Leon needs more minutes. He also needs a new contract. He has proven he belongs in the NFL, with a mid-level salary. And he needs to keep an eye on Bernard Ward, and make sure he doesn't get ripped off. Money changes people and relationships. I am suspicious of Bernard Ward. I heard Leon and Bernard have some sort of business relationship. Scary. I don't want to see Leon broke after 10 years having blown all his money on so called "friends" and "family". Happens all the time to pro sports figures. Leon has a huge heart, but he is naive. He needs to understand that money and fame changes people, including his closed "friends" and "family". Repeat, money and fame changes people, relationships, and family.