Saturday, November 1, 2008

Leon Powe, You're The Best Around Video

This is a video made for us about Leon Powe being the "Best Around". The song is from the original Karate Kid movie. I enjoyed this and I think you will to.


ToddCeltic said...

Amazing Video ha! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Great Vid! Leon need to be paid! He's the man!

Anonymous said...

Its a good video because its true! Leon is the best around!

Anonymous said...


Dan said...


I pray that Leon continues to get solid minutes off the bench. I love the way he plays, man. He goes so hard all the time.

The Celtics are a very emotional team... when they slump, they get depressed and don't try as hard. String together a few baskets and suddenly KG is covering the opposing point guard at half-court and taunting him (See Tues 11/11/08 vs. Raptors).

Powe is a guy who, with one mean-ass slam, can change the dynamic of the whole game and make the Celtics play physical, stifling defense. He can emotionally spark them into getting back into games with some highlight reel dunk.

Also, as Tommy often points out, no one boxes out and defends like Powe does--very old-school, wide stance, keep the guy between your knees kinda stuff. Love it.

I just love watching this guy play. He wears his heart on his sleeve. His energy is palpable and you can tell he wants it so bad. I wish everyone played like they had something to lose.