Monday, February 25, 2008

Leon Scores 12 in Celtics Blowout


Leon Powe finally got some minuets and produced in a 104-76 blow out of the Los Angeles Clippers. Leon scored 12 points, most of which came from the free throw line and grabbed 3 boards in 21 minuets. It wasn't Powe's best game of the year but he still put together a solid game.

It's pretty clear that Brian Scalabrine and Scot Pollard should not touch the floor. The rotation should be KG, Perkins, Leon, and Big Baby. Davis needs about 8 to 12 minutes a game, Leon needs 20-25 a game. Perkins about the same as Leon with 20-25. Garnett Should get the most with about 35 minuets. Scal and Scot should never see the floor. If Doc kept the rotation like this, the Celtics would better off. The more playing time for Leon, the more wins for the Celtics!


Kyle said...

I agree, Leon needs more minuetes and Scot and Scalabrine need to be on the bench all game.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Pollard! Leon always produces when he gets playing time. get rid of Scalabrine and Scot!

Chris said...

Finally a site devoted to the true beast on our team, Leon Powe! I can't say that I agree with what was said in an earlier post about Big Baby needing less playing time, but this is right on. Scal should never see the floor. He should never even be suited up to play! Why does doc like him so much. He simply can't play basketball and we are the only team who would include him on a roster! Powe should be getting even a little more time then Perkins (although i do support Perk) and Scot Pollard should get a normal hair cut and quit the NBA. Powe is the most athletic guy on the team, besides maybe Rondo. We could go with Rondo, Garnet, Powe, Ray Allen or Pierce, and Big Baby as a strong 5. I could do to see a little less of Pierce late in the game too because he makes stupid decisions.

Leon Powe Admin said...

Chris, It's nice to hear from someone who knows basketball. I agree with everything you said. Perk and Davis are good in spurts. Sometimes there great other times its like they've never played ball before. Leon never seems to have a bad minute, and always gives it everything. Hopefully will continue to see more Powe in the future.